Guy A. Frangipane
3rd Grade Teacher
Drake Elementary School
Guy A. Frangipane has taught at Drake Elementary in Strongsville, Ohio for 30 years. He has always sought to make his teaching relate to students’ real lives. Meaningful lessons that use plenty of hands-on activities and integrate skills across the curriculum are important to him. He also believes that children of all ages should recognize that they are an important part of their communities. As a result, his 3rd graders write their school’s newspaper, organize the holiday food drives, and collect aluminum cans for the fire department. Mr. Frangipane’s involvement outside his own classroom includes supervising the intramural program and directing Strongsville’s Camp Invention summer camp. As a former PTA president, he continues to work closely with his school’s special events committees. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Special Education from Kent State University in 1976 and 1980, respectively, and has since accumulated over 50 post-graduate hours from various Northeast Ohio universities. Recently, Mr. Frangipane was recognized for his creativity, innovation, and inspiration when he received the 2005 Disney Teacher Award. Guy Frangipane contributed to the Elementary School Educator’s Guide.